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The Story

‘You said I could be free, free like a song, a song with no verse; like a bird with no wings, a violin with no strings!’
Samantha Serraillier in the song, ‘This Is My Life’.

Samantha Serraillier is the intriguing, engaging and mysterious personality at the centre of Soho Dreams. She says she longs for freedom.


American, English, Liverpudlian?


Did she really steal a song from Cole Porter, does she really long for family, marriage and a life away from Soho or is Soho, in fact, her only dream?


Her world is changing fast and Samantha knows she has to make a choice and get control: can she?

This is a fast moving story of love, passion, murder and possible redemption.


It is set inside the infamous Night Owls club (a door off Greek Street) in 1980s London just as the music turns from punk and revolution to New Romantics and Quincy Jones. As Thatcherism takes hold in Britain and Reganism in America and as Scotland Yard attempts to clean-up the city and end corruption ahead of the ‘Big Bang’.


As the Night Owls prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary with big names from the world of theatre, TV, show-business and even American movie stars as well as the regulars from the law, police, journalism, church and even the odd Royal – something is in the air: treachery.

Michael Peterson from Irlam in Salford, stumbles into the place and into a world he doesn’t understand or like.


He finds himself the centre of Samantha Serraillier’s attentions and as he goes to exit, he discovers the door is blocked.


Soho is a place where you can be anyone at anytime or anything but are the people who make it glorious, edgy, dynamic and captivating in control or being controlled?


Along the way we see fabulous choreography, meet superbly drawn loving and comedic characters and we meet the people who need to keep their show running.


Albie is a lawyer by day but a drag queen by night; Tommy and The Nose sing to their crime victims and Jack worries about his ‘Manor’ falling apart

under police pressure. Something he must stop at any cost.

Inspired by the story of Mary Magdalene and Bizet’s Carmen, Soho Dreams turns into a ‘whodunnit’ and tests loyalty time and time again as well as challenging the portrayal of the woman at the centre of the story and others who want to be someone else.


When they get the chance though, can they ever fulfil their Soho Dreams?  

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