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The Songs

1) Overture

2) Blue Skies (Tommy and cast)

3) Send me Soho Dreams (Michael)

4) Whiskey and Rye (Samantha)

5) Love Tonight (Michael and cast)

6) Child (Samantha)

7) Am I a man (Albie)

8) When I look in the mirror (Samantha/

 and Michael) 

9) Burning Bridges (Jack)

10) Show me the exit ( Samantha)

11) Reprise



13) Reprise

14) Streets of Soho (Tommy and cast)

15) Too beautiful [for this place] (Samantha)

16)  Michael (Samantha)

17) Goodnight, God Bless Samantha (Michael)

18)  Lord don't forsake me (Michael)

19) This is my life (Samantha and cast)

20)  Reprise

Music and lyrics by Mark Russell and Rob McLoughlin


Lord Don't Forsake Me by Mark Russell, Danny McLoughlin and Rob McLoughlin.

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